What do your services cost?

We don't charge our clients ANY fees. We are brokers and we are paid by the companies that we match you with. That means there is no reason to not reach out for a Financial Overview.

What does the process look like for figuring out what I need help with?

We will have 2-3, thirty minute zoom sessions to understand your unique situation, define your goals, and come up with a strategy to meet those goals.

What types of services do you provide?

We can help you set up a Short, Mid and Long term financial plans; Life Insurance (term, permanent, final expense), 401K Rollovers, Annuities, Home and Auto Insurance, Estate Preservation, Medical Supplemental, 529 Accounts, 401K plans for businesses, Investment Accounts, Debt Solutions, and more.

Can you help set up a Cash Value Life Insurance Policy?

Yes, we have many companies that offer Cash Value Life Insurance Policies such as an IUL. We help find the best one for you.

What type of companies would I be matched up with?

Whatever company fits your needs, they would be A+ rated. We work with over 150 companies to ensure we find whats best for you. We work for you, not them.

Do we need to meet in person in order to work together?

No, we can do everything over zoom and use docusign to securely handle documents.

Do you manage my money and accounts?

No, we match you with the best companies that meet your needs and give you full access to your accounts. We will make sure you understand your accounts and can review them with you at any time.

After we are matched up with companies that meet our needs and goals is that the end of our relationship?

Definitely not. We will meet with you annually or any time you need to review your accounts and see if there is anything that needs to be updated.

Can you help me with a 401K that I have with a former employer?

Yes! We can move that 401K to an account that will take advantage of compound interest and be 100% protected from any market losses.

Are you able to help me reduce debt?

 Yes, we connect you with a debt solution company we partner with or we can help you develop a strategy to free up money and create more cash flow to help you pay down debt.

How do you determine which company is the best fit for me?

We create a Financial Needs Analysis by gathering information about your lifestyle, such as your income, expenses, savings, retirement plan and life insurance policies you might already have and we check to see if there is anything we can offer to help maximize your existing plan or create a plan if you dont have one.

How can I protect my assets and my wealth to ensure my wishes are met?

Asset protection strategies may include setting up trusts, using legal structures, and obtaining appropriate insurance coverage to avoid probate and make sure your beneficiaries actually revieve what you intended.

What does a financial professional do, and how can they help me?

A financial professional helps individuals and businesses develop comprehensive financial plans to achieve their financial goals and manage their resources effectively focusing on growth and loss prevention.